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CBS Presents



Emmy Award Winning CBS Documentary



Narrated by CBS Correspondent . . . . . DOUGLAS EDWARDS

Produced by . . . . . CHALMERS DALE

Executive Producer . . . . . PAMELA ILOTT



Editor . . . . . MARK I. BRODIE

Production Manager . . . . . NADINE SAPIA

Wilhelm Scholê International
Developing Global Renaissance Human Beings

Teacher Development Program
Unified Global Curriculum
San Antonio, Texas Inner-City Schools

by CBS Affiliate KHOU-TX Channel 11, Houston, Texas

News coverage of the impact of Marilyn Wilhelm and Wilhelm Scholê
on the students and teachers of the San Antonio School District,
in San Antonio, Texas

Interviews with:
Principal Bertha Rubio and the Teachers from Crockett Elementary
Principal Pamela Walls and the Teachers from Gates Elementary
Teachers from Vestal Elementary
Friends and Wilhelm Scholê International
present Igor Stravinsky's
"The Firebird"
Presented in Conjunction with The Student Concerts of
The Houston Symphony

Originally aired by NBC Affiliate - KPRC Channel 2
Introduction . . . . . Marilyn Wilhelm
Storyteller . . . . . Sunny Beville
The Firebird - Paige Martin  
Prince Ivan - Greg Parish  
Horseman of the Night - Curtis Conrad  
Princess of Unearthly Beauty - Karima Karn  
Princesses - Audrey Chang, Allison Frazier, Regina Jacks, Elizabeth Thurber, Chiquita Willis  
Horseman of the Dawn - Tanya Quebe  
Monsters - Erran Booker, Sylvia Cano, Curtis Conrad, Tanya Quebe, Wesley Settle, Amy Woodruff  
King Kastchei - Levon Vartanian  
Kastchei's Chief Monster - Chad Payne  
Knights - Craig Chin, Niren Desai, Giovanni Ferrari, Todd Frazier, Brady Lanier, Russell Weigl  

Choreography - Sunny Beville, Terrance Kam

Costumes - Joanna Handel, Ana Cresali La Well, Pat Nasr

Video: Sally Benson & Wes Wickham - Video Tape: Bob Pritchett & Ed Schafer - Audio: Dick Bowley - Studio Production: Carlos Calbrillo, Dan Ireland, Len Jackson, & Loretta Leiber - Host: Alan Wilson - Producer: Tony Bruni - Director: Goostree
Wilhelm Scholê International presents
Originally aired on the NBC Affiliate - KPRC Channel 2
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It was warm and sunny
markets were open
grandparents were with their grandchildren
everyone was happy and full of laughter
suddenly...the sound of war planes
changed the scene into a screaming nightmare
strafing planes were dropping bombs and hurling bullets
terrified people were running into the fields
Picasso's Guernica is a mirror of war
he painted terror on canvas
and makes you feel with your eyes
the pain of war

Poem and painting by:
Todd Frazier (12) •
Paige Buddeke (8) • Clara Pybus Campbell (12)

Introduction - Marilyn Wilhelm
Cast - The Children of Wilhelm Scholê International
Orchestration & Adaptation - Ned Batista
Choreography - Christina Stirling Munro
Narration - Dr. Cal Cannon
Design Supervision - Salle Werner-Vaughn
Wardrobe Supervision - Nanette Blummer
Production Supervisor: Rob Middleton - Audio: Chuck Ragland - Lighting: Pat Patterson - Cameramen: Joe Campos, Pat Patterson, Danny Ireland, Carlos Calbillo - Director: Mark Davis
This Dance Drama was made possible through the generosity of
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Mitchell
and the
Rockwell Fund


Wilhelm Scholê International presents

"Dances of Enlightenment"

Performed before a live audience on May 19, 2009 at RAI Television's Alessandro Scarlatti Auditorium, in Naples, Italy. The performance was televised nationwide.

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Si ringrazia vivamente il Console Generale Italiano a Houston e la Italy America Chamber of Commerce in Texas per la preziosa traduzione del programma




Un prolondo ringraziamento al Comitato per la realizzazione di


Toby Mattox - Jan Hartke - J. Todd Frazier

John Tsacrios, Jr. - Nicholas Phillips

Thomas Poung Au - Giovanni Picone


Executive Planning Committee

Dances of Enlightenment

 David Jhirad, Jan Hartke, Marcelo de Andrade, Marilyn Wilhelm,

Andrea Fasanello, Peter Lighte, Julian Grant, Barry Munitz, Lucy Jarvis, Scott McArthur, Anna Maria Tornaghi, John M. Tsacrios, Jr. 


Introducing Marilyn Wilhelm
Wilhelm Scholê International

Created by Daniel Faltin, Producer and Director