Dances of Enlightenment
The Dance of Life


“There is nothing more timely today than that truth which is timeless,

than that message that comes from tradition and is relevant now

because it has been relevant at all times.”

Seyyed Hossein Nasr



Dances of Enlightenment --- geographical variations of Universal Timeless Principles --- begin the fascinating adventure of planting seeds of intercultural understanding and an appreciation of our Common Heritage, thereby nurturing our evolving Cosmopolis.   The Dances present a union of global thought: our differences creating an unforgettable Harmony.  For the goal is Harmony, unified diversity, not homogenization.



Executive Planning Committee

 Dances of Enlightenment


David Jhirad
Marcelo de Andrade
Andrea Fasanello
Julian Grant
Lucy Jarvis
Anna Maria Tornaghi

Jan Hartke
Marilyn Wilhelm
Peter Lighte
Barry Munitz
Scott McArthur
John M. Tsacrios, Jr.


Wilhelm Scholê International presents Dances of Enlightenment

Performed before a live audience on May 19, 2009

at RAI Television's Alessandro Scarlatti Auditorium, in Naples, Italy.

The performance was televised nationwide.

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Si ringrazia vivamente il Console Generale Italiano a Houston

e la Italy America Chamber of Commerce in Texas per la preziosa traduzione del programma



Un prolondo ringraziamento al Comitato per la realizzazione di


Toby Mattox - Jan Hartke - J. Todd Frazier - John Tsacrios, Jr. - Nicholas Phillips

Thomas Poung Au - Giovanni Picone



June 11, 2012


Dear Marilyn,


It is always a pleasure to receive your news.  Your extraordinary creativity and transforming grace, through art and culture, is a powerful communication tool of universal values --- first and foremost for peace.


It was a great honor for me to come to know you during the Dances of Enlightenment Performance in Naples, Italy.  Your production of the Dances of Enlightenment was a wonderful opportunity to bring, for the first time in Italy, such a powerful and moving testimony of civilization.  The Dances of Enlightenment aroused admiration even by those who have lived for years in the world of entertainment, including the renowned conductor Enzo De Caro.


It is a great honor for me to join your International Advisory Council.  The powerful humanitarian mission of Wilhelm Scholê International is crucial for our global civilization in the new millennium.


Sending you a heart-felt thank you and more dear greetings,


Gianni Picone

Member, the Commission of Cultural Initiatives of the Council of Naples

President, Earth Council Alliance Italia

Board of Directors Earth Council Geneva, Switzerland